New Features Webinar: Software Additions & Enhancements, June 2019

In this webinar, you will learn how the feature enhancements in the latest versions of our software programs, TAITherm v13.0, and CoTherm v2.1 are designed to increase your productivity and create better workflows for your projects. Lauren Tetzloff, one of our skilled engineers will discuss each new feature and bring you through demonstrations inside the software.

Just prior to release, we identified that the moisture transport feature was not up to our full standards so, in this current release, it will only be available for beta testing. If you are interested in joining the beta test group for this new feature, please contact


The features and enhancements in TAITherm v13.0 include:

  • The ability to track moisture transport and accumulation through clothing layers which allows for more accurate human models during temperature transitions
  • Python support for User Routines which is ten times faster than QSA
  • Improved mesh mapping control with distance tolerance limit
  • Improved application performance and large model support, increasing productivity through faster operation


The features and enhancements in CoTherm v2.1 include:

  • Support of OpenFOAM/iconCFD processes to expand coupling capabilities
  • The ability to complete fully transient CFD-thermal coupling processes, allowing you to capture transient fluid dynamic effects
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