Understand the Power of CoTherm: How to Solve Complex Transients by Coupling Thermal & CFD Codes

Join our webinar to learn how to simulate complex scenarios by coupling thermal and CFD codes in our powerful CoTherm software. Our Thermal & CFD Engineer Daniel will dive deeper into CoTherm to show you how to leverage its capabilities and simulate a transient key-off scenario.

He will take you through the process using a real-world example, giving you an up-close look at which inputs you need to automate simulations, and how to analyze transient coupled results.

You will:

  • Learn how to reach valuable transient solutions for complex hot-soak and underbody scenarios using the pseudo-transient method in CoTherm
  • Analyze plots of thermal hot spots in the underhood/underbody
  • Understand how fluid temperatures and velocities change during transient simulations

 Attend our live webinar for the chance to ask Daniel questions following the presentation.


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