Version 12.3 of our software is now available

ThermoAnalytics has delivered the latest release of our software TAITherm/TAIThermIR/MuSES/PowerTHERM, version 12.3. The top features focus on improvements that increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed. 

The most exciting feature with this version is the release of the Exhaust Tool. The Exhaust Tool allows you to accurately model the thermal activity of your system, allowing you to make more informed decisions on components, placement, and heat protection strategies. 

We continue to raise the bar with new developments including the Adaptive Time Step, Human Thermal Automatic Time Step, and Independent CFD Scaling. We also added additional functionality to CoTherm with Key Properties, Sub-process tasks, and Variable Monitors.

Get the details about these exciting improvements by visiting our new features page.

To upgrade to our newest version of software, please contact your sales representative or email us at

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